Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello to all, and welcome to Behind The Mask Studio & Theatre's new Blog!
Here at Behind The Mask, we are committed to sharing what goes on during the artistic process from start to finish. This blog will be a place for us to share thoughts, observations, media, and ideas. This is a great place to stop by if you want up-to-date information about how things are going in the Studio, what we are working on, and what we're cooking up to create next.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, as it is an integral part in keeping the conversation about art alive! We want to hear your opinions and ideas as readers as much as we want to share with you what we're up to. We value any contribution, whether it be in supplies, volunteering, ideas, or simple positive reinforcement.

Thanks so much for reading, and without further ado, let's get posting!

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  1. Amazingly vibrant masks! I love them!